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Thank you to each sponsor that helps me improve my training with my favorite products.

Your support and confidence mean everything.


"Aviar saddles are extremely light and comfortable. I feel right at home in every Aviar saddle I sit on. All of my horses love the increased movement. My favorite saddle I have ever sat in."


"Tess bridles have made a difference in my training. The nosebands and overall padding don't compare to anything else. They are affordable and extremely high quality."

CAL 9.png

"Fleur de Lys Equestrian is taking equestrian fashion to a new level. From the materials and patterns to the designs, they are unique, beautiful, and extremely comfortable. I also love working with this team!."

COUPON CODE: CALLIE15 (15% discount)


"Heureux belts have quickly become a daily staple in my equestrian wardrobe. I have always struggled to find the perfect belt and theirs check all the boxes. I love the combination of leather and elastic so they lay completely flat in the front.  Incredible quality and comfort, with a modern and elegant design. Timeless pieces! Love working with this team and being allowed to share my feedback."

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"It's all about safety. American Equus helmets are well designed, comfortable, and fashionable. Their gloves and stirrups are also a big part of my gear."

COUPON CODE: COBF10 (10% discount)


"Siccaro drying boots are our secret weapon, especially in Florida. They keep our horse's legs dry and in top shape. These boots are magic."

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